Catastrophic is a word that comes up often when people are injured in accidents. It is really a way to describe the difference between serious injuries and extremely serious injuries. It is important because the severity of an injury may impact the amount of financial support needed to compensate an individual for their harm.

When is an injury catastrophic? When it changes your life forever.

Serious Catastrophic

Broken bones

Second-degree burns

Fractured vertebra

Partial loss of vision or hearing


Injury requiring time off from work

Crushed bones

Third-degree burns over the entire body

Paralysis of part of or the entire body

Total blindness or deafness

Traumatic brain injury

Permanently disabling injury

At Cutter Law P.C., we seek maximum compensation for both levels of injuries. Compensating serious and catastrophic injuries is the staple of our practice.

When so much is riding on a successful outcome, you will want to work with attorneys who have the experience and skill to protect your future. At Cutter Law P.C., our attorneys are ready to fight for you.

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