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Federal bill could change what break rules apply to some truckers in California

Trucking regulations don’t just come at the federal level. There are also various state regulations that can apply to truck companies that operate here in California. What state rules applied to a truck company involved in a California truck accident can have major ramifications in legal actions brought by victims of the crash. It is among the things that can impact whether any such regulations were violated leading up to the accident. This, in turn, could have impacts regarding liability.

What state regulations apply to truck companies that operate here in California also has the potential to have safety implications.

What are some signs of a defective hip replacement?


Hip replacement procedures in the United States doubled over the course of 10 years, from 2000 to 2010.

Metal-on-metal hip replacements are particularly problematic. Metal debris from these devices can enter the space around the implant and the bloodstream, causing serious complications.

Could self-driving cars be tricked into misreading road signs?

There are many things a self-driving car would likely need to be able to do to function safely out on the roads. This includes accurately interpret roads signs it encounters. Some tests researchers recently conducted raise concerns that there might be ways to trick self-driving car systems into misreading traffic signs.

In the tests, researchers attached graffiti-like stickers to road signs to see if they could cause cameras commonly used in autonomous vehicle systems to get confused in their interpretation of the signs. The stickers succeeded in causing such confusion. For example, the researchers were able to get a self-driving system to misinterpret a stop sign as being a speed limit sign.

Pedestrians beware: Pedestrian fatalities are at an all-time high


Distracted driving is a threat to the vehicle drivers, vehicle passengers, other motorists on the road, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, the results are often catastrophic. The victim may suffer serious injuries, including injuries to the neck, head, shoulder or back. In the worst cases, the injuries may be fatal.

Delayed out on the roads? Avoid aggressive driving

No one likes to encounter delays. Delays can cause a particularly big amount of frustration out on the roads. When one is a hurry to get somewhere, it can be very disappointing to encounter slow and heavy traffic.

The frustration of encountering traffic delays is one of the things that may tempt a driver to act aggressively behind the wheel. However, resisting this temptation is critical. Aggressive driving can create major safety dangers and cause harmful accidents.

Electric shocks: The solution to drowsy driving?

Drowsy driving is a significant problem out on the roads. Recently, a device has been developed proposing a shocking solution to this problem.

The device is called Steer. It is designed to be worn on a person’s wrist when they are driving. It contains sensors that can track a person’s sweat secretion and heart rate. The aim of these sensors is to detect when changes occur which could indicate that the driver is getting drowsy.

How common is e-cigarette use in California?

The popularity of vaping is not uniform across the country. Rather, it differs from state-to-state. A recent analysis points to California being one of the places where the popularity of e-cigarettes is especially high.

The analysis reviewed tweets that occurred between January 2015 and March 2017. It looked at how common tweets related to vaping were in each of the states and Washington D.C. Each of these geographic areas was given a vape-tweet rate based on this review.

5 Questions about hernia mesh complications, answered


Every year in the U.S., hundreds of thousands of hernia repair surgeries are performed. Surgical mesh is used in many of these operations.

Unfortunately, some of these hernia mesh products are defective and can cause serious health problems. Let's take a look at five common questions people have about hernia mesh complications.

Drowsy driving and rideshare drivers

Ridesharing is coming to play a bigger and bigger part in the way people get around here in the United States. Among the implications the rise of ridesharing could have are safety implications. One of the things that could impact what ridesharing ultimately means for traffic safety is how ridesharing drivers act out on the roads.

This includes how long of shifts such drivers work. Recently, concerns have been raised by some regarding the length of shifts done by Uber drivers.

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