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Complications That Lead To Needing TVM Revision Surgery

Transvaginal mesh revision surgery can be a long, painstaking and difficult process. It is not comfortable and if you have suffered unduly, then we can help. Unfortunately, there are many dangers and possible extreme side effects that are caused by the mesh being in place to begin with. These complications can include:

  • Erosion — When the mesh erodes its way through soft vaginal or other internal tissue, it is painful and dangerous and needs to be corrected by a surgeon.
  • Organ perforation — Organ perforation is exactly what it sounds like. It is defined as perforation (small tears) of internal organs. This can lead to more serious problems and death if left untreated.
  • Other, less extreme complications — These include nerve damage, fistulas, vaginal scarring, degrading of mesh, neuromuscular problems, autoimmune issues, vaginal shrinkage or shortening, hematomas, painful intercourse, urinary infection and more.

For Many, Revision Surgery Is The Only Option

Unfortunately, those who have suffered complications from TVM implants will often have to go through transvaginal mesh revision surgery. This surgery is invasive and can be painful. It is not a pleasant experience, but there is hope. Our lawyers may be able to help you receive compensation through a lawsuit. If you are suffering complications due to your TVM implant and you need to undergo further revision surgery, please contact our team of professional lawyers for reliable representation. We are standing by to help you get compensation for your suffering. Call today.

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